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The extending door

Remember that hall with the door at the end of it?
When I was out of breath wanting to quit.
Never thinking I was gone to make it,
I had to make it to that door wanting it more

and more but the walls kept getting longer
and longer with the floor.
Is it possible that there could be one slight chance that
I could be entering that door.

Finding out what's on the other side.
What's all the hesitation for?
Could it be a life in which
I could began with that one special someone for eternity,

infinity, and beyond death.
I sigh as I take long deep breaths,
I'll find out sooner or later
if not it's gone make these walls greater.

Then these walls shall fall with great speed
and, that strength of these walls shall exceed
to the heart and loose great pride.
So bring on the seduction the love, the laughter,

the joy of each others presence, the friendship, the ups,
the downs, the compromise, the make ups.
To make out the family the big picture.
That's what I'm talking about

Now am I going to open that door?
Would you?

Written by Monique Roberts


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