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Because of you! ! !

Because of you I can say I do to being true to only you
Because of you I can love again
Because of you my frown has turned into a grin
From the first time I talked to you I said gnaw I'm through
but the conversation you threw is the thing that attracted me to you

It wasn't a normal conversation or tired ass lies but you told me about
all the things that's been eating you up on the inside
You may have thought I wasn't listening but the words was sticking
Everything you talked about had my heart ticking,
but through the things we shared

I was still thinking could this be true or is this dude
selling uncertain truths not a day went by that I didn't think of you.
Day by bay my heart was being healed from misty blue.
Total recovery came when you pronounced your love to be true
and asked me can I be that only girl for you.
I gladly accepted and now the healing process is through.
And I promise to always be true to you.

Written by Monique Roberts


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