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Dost Thou knowest, the true sadness?
Dost Thou Knoweth, the pain
Of un reciprocated Love?
Deserted lost feelings
Sometimes, withheld in thee
Upon everyday of the week

The restraint of tears
There, welled up to make themselves
Known, while dealings are going on
Throughout the day
With no opportunity in sight
To be alone and, pray

Thy longest, to solace the pangs
Bottled up inside thus, flowing
Through my pen this way
To help thee get through the night & life;
Emotions hath become a guide
Through the nostalgia, of lost love

The insomnia, that keeps thee awake at night
Tis' the taunting un agitated
Space, beside thee, constantly
Consistently, reminding thee of
The absence of thy lover
And, the remnants of times shared.

I cannot recant
Nor, rescind how much I've cared
Priceless, cannot replace
Thy love for thee-
Though I've shed a river of tears
I shall not easily vent.

Tis' thy broken-heartedness
The arrow through thy heart is broken-bent
Enduring, relenting heartache without
Some sight of release (sigh)
Shun, to beseech thy love from thee
Rehearsed to reject, therefore-

Beckon thee not to comfort,
Return not to see thy tears
Go forth in haste, from thine eyes
Thou hast plucked thy heartstrings
With deceit
"Return not to see thy Tears"

Thy shall spare no pains, toward strength
Thy shall be puissant; for
Despite thy heartache,
Thy hast, refused to release
Thy soul to ascend, in despair.

Written by MzBHavin


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