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Temptin' Me

From the moment I met you
I knew I wuz diggin' you
Little did I know you
Were diggin' me too
And it's Temptin' Me

Your Eyes met mine &
Mine met yours
Kissing temptation
Into our soul

Waking up feelings, we soon
Can't control
But, there is someone else/
I am the Lover
you can't touch

I believe I can hear
My own heart beating
The thought of going there entering my mind
Damn near cheating
Thoughts of my other
being left behind
I can't think,.
You're Temptin' Me

My pulse gyrating - unsteady
My breathing heavy - Lord, don't let me
As desire begins to build
Conjuring, something in us;
That dances on the wings of lust
Temptin' Me every moment,
You are near

I am the Lover
You Cannot touch

I am drawing Orgasmic thoughtz
When I look in your eyes
Passion in the way you look at me
I wanna get my freak on
I wanna moan.
I wanna be the ice cream
Dripping down the sides
Of your cone
Ooooh, you're temptin' me

Somethings going on
The temptation strong
Something there between you & me

There are times at night
When I can't go to sleep
Because, I know you'll be
There... crashing my dreams..

I'm your

Halting the normalcy
In the sounds of my Zzzzz
I'm beginning to hear myself
Erotically moan
It's makin' me wanna pick
Up the phone
And say, "Baby come on"

I am the Lover
You cannot touch

This would be our relationshipz demise
Keepin' Temptation alive
The muzzle on my heart
Cannot be released
Yet, it's the desire that plucks
At my heartstrings
You're Temptin' Me

It's animalistic this pheromone,
This desires fire,
By the hands of temptation/
We're gonna Get burned
Its the going there that gets me
It'll be to late to regurgitate
Our indiscretion
I wanna get my freak on
I wanna moan.
& Before it dies,
Temptation, Is a Bytch
-Be it our last

Written by Poetically MzBHavin'


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