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In the wild

I alone all in the wild in search for answers only my mind can get
Alone guessing the rising sun and its setting
Listening to birds sing their melodies and lyrics
Flapping their wings as they all freely hover in the air

Seeking to understand why the freedom for animals of lower astuteness?
When humanity only know discord and discrimination amongst selves
Feelings of running away flirt through my mind as many times as I can
Candidly recollect and muster the courage to response

Tears go dripping like hot sweat on a very hot day
Birds and all the animals in the wild look at me in surprise
I have gone to the wild to study from nature's school
Looking at all creatures and attempting to learn how they live

The Bees have no hands yet build fantastic honey combs
Do not go hungry or haggard when they buzz around
Are never lost whenever they leave their hives in search of food
I marvel at the way of snakes on hills and mountains without limbs

I marvel at the care bees give the queen bee and the king
It's delightful and a pleasure to learn how to survive from these creatures
There's no place for the weak; as they are killed and discarded
Life is worth life provided we accept one and each with all shortcomings

In the wild I understand that there is harmony and hegemony blended
Each animal understanding its strength and weakness
Allowing the natural law to take its course when things get rough
We can learn and borrow so much from animals and insects around us

The wild is a wonderful paradise all lost for want of discovery
It is inviting, enthralling and full of charm all of its kind
Learning how things work gives us an exposure so bizarre
Making us to appear strange and estranged amongst people

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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