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The trouble with the black race is fear..

The trouble with the black race is fear
Fear of the unknown most often sways them
Like leaves ruffled by the wind during a storm

We need to sow love and build an esteem so lofty
Standing by one another and loving selves is a call
To be obeyed by all who share in this wonderful colour

The black race yes went into slavery and colonialism
That alone does not qualify to make us mean
It does not strangulate our freedom to love ourselves

Hatred for fellow man is callous and idiotic
Love and a gentle smile even when we feel hurt
Makes hearts melt down like ice or snow storms

Even those whose very intentions were to hurt us
Will bow to our new stratagem and become friends
Standing together as a block makes us much stronger

Strength makes us respected and held high by others
It is time we gun down fear thereby killing jealousy
If we cease being jealous and become cooperative

Then and only then our kindred shall no longer wallow
In the pits of misery and poverty and regarded as beggars
Wow together we can collectively smile waving bye bye

To low economic standards and miserable lives
Joining the train of development that eloped us
Leaving us lacking behind while other skidded far off ahead

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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