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Letters to Agnes

I am so passionate and moved each moment
My mind walks down the long narrow route
That saw us separated by an unfortunate
Unplanned event tearing our hearts into
Shreds as we left each other in the dark

Mails died and nothing could be heard
It became so painful forgetting how
Much love we had harboured in our hearts
Got withered over night for lack of information
My cheeks most often get soaked by streaming

Tears all remembering me how much love we
Developed over the few years we shared
our eyes burning with passion and affection
I have asked to know your whereabout everyday
It has not being that easy to be connected

Wherever you are; remember how much love
I had for you in my heart and please forgive
Me for i never intended hurting you or jilting
My love for anything in the world; this you know
Please it was never my decision to move to a new

College without meeting you so that we could talk
Keeping you confused and since then we have never
Met neither do we know the whereabout of each other
Living on without knowing anything about you
Hurts that very heart; that loved yours so very much

Tears shall forever flow from my eyelids
Crying for all that love that got missing
Thinking about your warm and sensual smiles
Still come to my mind as strong as if
It were but yesterday; Agnes i miss you

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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