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Promises of our Leaders

Leaders we look up to your promises like kids look up to their parents
Today Africa is sick and tired; bedeviled with all kinds of problems
Wanton destruction of wealth and a wider population of beggars growing daily
Your promises have often been made to derail your citizens
Yesterday's peep talking was only political caroling for vane consumption
Yet our leaders go on a spending spree each time we have an African Union summit
Spoilage is what happends when scarce resources are wasted instead of utilized
The common man cries and his lamentations are drowned by cannons of soldiers
Spraying bullets on citizens on the command of our leader who have become a villain
Who could accept that so soon after all the sugar coated talking, beatings and bullets?
Will become our food for thought; as our leaders shun us like lepers?
We may stink but our votes don't stink and gave them power
Can't they fathom that for once and become the leaders we voted with a plus?
Africa badly needs its problems to be resolved now and now; for this is our time
Price hikes of basic commodities have become a problem across Africa
Leaders have made propaganda promises and nothing has changed in prices
Instead each passing day; prices are tripling and quadrupling with time
It is now time for us to look back at what we have so that solutions can come
Tell us what is true so that we can really on your promises
Misleading us has only spoiled things for Africa and for Africans
Lack of constant electricity is puling our economies down on their knees
Searching for solutions is our dire need and desire at this crucial phase of life
Researching for solutions should come from within so that we can talk
Not as some upstarts from the blues; rather with a voice that bellows loud and proud
Our future is ours and we have to guarantee it so to say and our leaders are guarantors
If they shall stop auctioning us like cheap dulls on e-bay auction
Bleeding hearts and quaking souls cry daily for want of bread
Livelihood has become difficult making dogs to learn going on hunger strikes
Pitiful faces are common sites in our societies where poverty is no longer a word
Clinging to hope is the way we have always banked for generations

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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