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Dear sir

Thou are gone yet your lessons and love keep sprouting from my gentle spirit
It is as if it never happened; so that we can keep the discourse fresh for eternity
Yes i learned of your death with so much shock and consternation
Recollecting how you use to carry me on your shoulders is painful
You are gone to soon without watching your boy turned into manhood
Without carrying my kids on your laps or on your caring and nurturing hands
Teaching you held like food on your lovely hands always ready to feed the hungry mouths
Ever longing to be fed with knowledge so appealing in a world badly in need of brain
Your death in deed is shocking waves; we might be asking questions why you?
Though in your spectacles you saw it as reality dawning like the morning dew
Haven accepted death as a parcel that envelopes mankind on transit to a new birth
It never was anything so strange and a novelty in your mind
Good people don't last dear sir; you were plucked off like pears from a tree
Picked up and kept unlike pears away from the sight of even those you loved
Quit a lesson indeed is your demise from this painful stage we call the world
Persons have wept sore as you came out feet first embarking on a journey of zero return
Tears burn our cheeks and hearts burn like tar; for who again shall give us wisdom?
The content and the container got broken; yet the content never split so that it could
Be garnered for the future to use it for edification; so that posterity shall be written in gold
A library has caught fire and its books all consummed by the gutted fire
Birds sang songs of eulogy and rivers stayed silent; a gentle soul has gone
Passing into eternity for sure is life lived so vividly and passionately true
Showing love to all and humbly so humane that raising a voice was an annoying
Going memory lane repositioning myself on that desk in your class
Listening to lessons that were to become the foundation of all my studies
Only tears run down cheeks already soiled by a thousand tears all for your gentle soul
If life has ever been so harsh; then today i accuse it for cruelty and double harshness
It won't have been you at a moment you were about to sit and harvest your fruits
All you ever laboured for and hoped to harvest; only history shall hold it in record
That once upon a time; Wainfen James Ghangha taught with fortitude and is gone
It teaches us to know how short our lives are and how indefinite it has always been
Ah sir, we shall keep remembering you and all your fine advice in class and out of class
Saying your place is in our heavy hearts is not an over statement; if we must say
The pain is so heavy just as a heavy casualty striking a family without warning
Today our hearts have become a dairy so that all those nice things are recorded therein
Solemnly we assure you that we shall make you proud where ever you are
Adieu Sir. Wainfen James Ghangha as we bid you farewell for the last time

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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