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A rebirth

Being born anew is the clarion classical call even from leaves
Rustling by the wind of change that seems to be toppling regimes
Sending waves of shock rippling and criss crossing across Le continent noir
Ah what a gross mistake to insult ones mistress out of pride; who will soon be host
There is a need to have travelled that the things of yesterday can be forgotten
New paths chosen and travelled across opportunities that were absent
Standing on our legs gives us a latutude that we can talk on equal terms
On the platform of justice, equity and a new found voice ask for rights long denied
The time is now so that we can begin to take decisions affecting our lives
Decisions that are not taken to please persons but enhance social contracts
Ushering developmental milestones making smiles shine forever on our faces
Today lives have become so tearsed and miserable to be called living
Survivors have ceased to only be those who are victims of disasters
Life in essence have become a matter of survival or death the way out
Mounds on graves attest to this painful scenario where survival has failed
When a rebirth becomes the only answer to our manifold confrontations
Beating us and uprooting bitter moments when we badly need a new path
Just like a child is born blanck like a sheet of paper; we need a new birth
Transforming our dreams taking care of all our expectations bringing smiles upon all
This is the rebirth badly needed today as the clarion comes calling

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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