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Black sisters doing it……..

It hurts when black sisters learn only the eating of cum
Dragging it like milk churned from the cow
Splashed to their boobs and face they lick
That honey badly missed and wanted by them

With legs wide ajar they get rammed from all
Angles and they go dancing the rumba dance
Swinging the ass as nothing ever swung before
Sweating in sweet agony their hands are given

Money they have worked by selling themselves
So cheap that it breaks my heart and make me
Want to cry for my sisters are killing me
Slots they have become making it a feeling

That if you desire wetting your libido
Then every black woman is a slot and
Therefore provides what is needed
College girls rejecting old skool

Joining the gang of sex slaves
With sexy thighs longing for a man
To crawl in between and be given pleasure
Remember baby girl you're beautiful

Sell not yourself for farthings
You are more than gold can buy
You hold the flames of passion
Being seductively charming

Give yourself so much value
You are the pride of motherland
Black sisters turn on a new leave
We are watching you to change

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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