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The American dream

Tall dreams and visions for the black race
Martin Luther saw in his dream a non
Racist America with his four kids
Seating on the table of brotherhood

Today that dream still seem to be far
Tensions are rife and outri
Marginalisation still the order of the day
Blacks have become Mistresses

Passing for down low hoes
Just in order to have food
On their tables their crime
Being the black brother whose

Only potential is his anus
A dream that has become a mockery
Excellent for window dressers
Pleasing men and deceiving selves

Dragging to mud that whole dream theory
How i wish Martin Luther could come
Standing where he read that speech
Tears and blood will swell his eyes

Stand out brother stand out
Sister and let's show that we have what
It takes to offer to America all
Our insight potentials that can

Better our lot and make us shine
Today that Martinic dream has become
The American dream shrouded with
Deception as blacks wring blood

Katrina revealed a lot
Nothing seems to be right
The black dream and the American
Dream fussed together have become

so drudgery and nothingness is the
Out come where prisons are the black
Man's abode in the land of great dreams
The American dream that has faded out

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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