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Waste life

Waste life is killing the young
Today who have taken obscenity
As a flag they must wear daily
They wear trousers leaving the

Pant line exposed and it pleases
It makes me laugh as they say
Yore and yoyette is the mood
I bleed for them 'cause it

Has blinded them as they blend
Struggling with battered images
Badly in need in good repute
Characters deformed daily

Ruining lives that would have
Been of value and esteem
Waste life has taken its tool
Yores and yoyettes are on

Ruff ridding together
Gigy gigy they say have
Become love as seems
Since they are blind

How can the blind lead
The blind except both fall?
Crashing on a daily bases
Tumbling and dashing hopes

Ruining happiness that once
Presumably thought was
Hidden in their file jackets
Despatched from God the

Day they were born to live
Gangsterism is an identity
Most have accepted carrying
Colourful futures dashed

Crushed like butter in bread
Parental guidance placed
To question as these kids
Roam the streets and make

Bad company as the waste on
We can't afford folding our arms
As if nothing is wrong with these
Very young and talented kids

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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