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Wait a minute my heart breaker

Hello my heart breaker what makes you to feel that my world rotates around you?
Your beauty has rendered you drunk and blind to the extend that you feel
You're the the only woman whose beauty caught my imagination and therefore
Will die if you are not going to be that woman who shall usher me to the alter

I begin to wonder why and what makes you to think that breaking of hearts
Has become your prerogative and no other person can break hearts except you
My prayer is that you should have a man who shall be giving you the same love
We loved and shared dreams which you took delight in butchering

Today those dreams have been killed and i can only mourn
Let me ask you which man will love a woman whose loins are as hot
As an electric cooker ever ready to be laid at any moment
Today my heart has been shattered and who knows tomorrow?

If yours becomes so battered and shattered; accept it as your turn?
When seeds are sown they have to grow and its fruits harvested
I have met a new babe whose beauty beats all your possess
She is more composed and have a lot of self respect; values hunted by men

Maybe you thought i was still in the world of imagination and fancy
Allowing you to play your nasty games on me without knowing
That every match has a time lapse and each game has its sets of rules
Many times you were caught off guard and now only tears run down

Those eyes that once were so arrogant to accept reality
Wait a minute my heart breaker and let me ask you?
Do you realise now that you poured our dreams into the drains of history?
What wrong did i ever do to your person so as to warrant you cheating on me

Ah my heart breaker even if it were what; it won't have been with my friend
Today you have come to realise your folly and its consequences
How damaging is it to be blind and arrogant even when adviced against?
See where your folly have landed you my heart breaker baby

Written by ndim bernard ngouche


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