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Dream Man

Skin like caramel
Or peanut butter complexion
Standing above 5'9
Are the men I like in my direction
There is nothing like
A red boned man
With muscles like The Rock
To put me in a 3-point stand
Nipples dark as chocolate
Teeth white as pearls
Tongue like a hurricane
That makes my toes curl
Brains like Bill Gates
And sexy like Brad Pitt
Makes every man jealous
Because they know that he's the sh*t
With no children at all
So that excludes a baby momma
With pockets so deep
That he can afford an H2 Hummer
A man so smart
That he has a degree from college
Always listens to me
And quick to drop some knowledge
Strolling down the aisle
Walking hand in hand
Will no longer be the man in this poem
But my very own dream man

Written by Tiffany Nicole Haynes


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