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That 1 Man

Why is it so hard
To get over a man
This is 1 question
That I just don't understand
Why is that 1 man
Always special to you
Why does that 1 man hurt you
By the things that he do
Is it love
Or is it lust
To say you love him
Yet with a lack of trust
If it isn't love
Why does it hurt so bad
Why does that 1 man
Make you feel so sad
You always think
That it's meant to be
But he always hurt you
And set your heart free
You can't be with someone else
Because it is he that you desire
You then feel hurt and ashamed
To discover that he's a liar
"Girl you know I love you
Heaven knows I do"
Listening to every lie he tells
Because you had no clue
Love is the reason why
You can't get over that 1 man
This is 1 question
That I now understand

Written by Tiffany Nicole Haynes


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