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Unanswered Questions

How can you say that you love me
But leave me all alone
I day dream everyday
While my mind wanders into a zone
I sit alone in my bedroom
With a puzzled look on my face
Wondering if there is someone else
Who has already taken my place
It's been 3 long months
And I'm still not over you
I still sit and reminisce
About the things we use to do
I thought you were an angel
That God sent to me
Now I have to face
That we were never meant to be
If we were meant to be
We wouldn't have ever part
But I'll keep every memory of you
And hold them in my heart
I don't think I can ever love again
The way that I love you
No man can ever do
The things that you use to do
The way you would make love to me
And held me really close
The way you use to kiss me
Are the things that I'll miss most

Written by Tiffany Nicole Haynes


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