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Shot Down

I only lied to myself
When I said that
I would resist you
While my head said no

My lips just wanted to kiss you
And even when I wasn't near you
I could still feel and hear you
At night I even feared to

Lie down in my bed
Because I just might appear to
Be speaking your name even in my sleep
I tried so hard to ignore you
To pretend that I didn't even like you
But no matter how hard I tried to

You got under my skin and inside my head
Whether I was on my job or lying in my bed
Whether I was fast asleep or totaly awake
You controlled mt thoughts
Not much more could I take

"Ok." I said, in complete defeat
"I'm yours do with me whatever you want to."
With that superior air that is your alone
You looked at me and said
"What makes you think that I want you?"

Written by Nolan Miller


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