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Just Plain Silly

I must be blind
Cause I can't see me with you
Not for one more day
I must be deaf
Cause I can no longer hear
A single word you say
I know that I am impatient
Cause I just can't wait
To get away

Putting me down makes you high
I never expect the truth
Cause you're so good with the lie
But I'm not sticking around
For anymore of your abuse
I've got boots that were made for walking
And I'm gonna' put them to good use

Don't try to call me back
Cause your words will just be wasted
I want my freedom from you
So bad that I can just taste it
I'll see you around sweetheart

Well no not really
If you think I'm coming back to you
Then you're just plain silly.

Written by Nolan Miller


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