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I am me, not you, but me
The things that i write, inner thoughts of my mind
My words express the feelings of things which are mine
Do not judge me because you do not understand me
My life is complicated, i am here to leave a mark
I shall change at least a person before i am gone
I shall leave my mark
My words shall and will heal a broken heart
Do not over look the meanings of my words
For god has sent me down from the heaven above
To strike this words upon you, all
Images vivid, yet fulfilling to the eye
Let I, not me, but I show you the passage
The passage to which all is free to the eye
Where poets are gods,
Where all is wonderful, and pleasant
Where love weights more than hate
Let I show you better days
Better yet Let me show you better days.

Written by Obinna Nwerem aka… Young Black Poe


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