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Life ain't no joke!!

Life ain't no joke, go tell a friend
I'll start where this tale begins
Humble beginnings where I took root
Born to 2 black ghetto youths
Of course Dad ran, Mom stood the distance
To show love, quick anger in an instance
Back in them days, kids knew the difference
Stay in yo place or felt them switches
Moms talkin' bout folks, you all in her mouth
She'll beat yo ass if any of it left the house
As I grew I know the struggle over the bills
But moms didn't deal my taking no fuckin' Zanex pills
She might of hit the pipe of her choice,
But yo ass still jumped at the yell of her voice
Moms my have been slippin in dis and dat
Lack of her kids respect, is what gets her on track
you swear to be different, as you token' yo smoke
you laugh, cause you see her in you & know life ain't to joke
Now you gots yo own replicas of yo'self
They ain't actin' right, stressin' yo health
If you died now, your obituary would be an I.O.U
But because of yo life, you don't trip, you know what do
you lie, hustle, get blessed, or steal
whatever to keep them little N****s you made from tasting the real
But like you, they know, and are too aware
of what it takes to survive, cause for you da world don't care
For us folks there is no "End of the rope"
we might smoke to cope, strive to stay a float, through the next episode
and laugh cause we know life ain't no joke.

Written by OhSoChocolate


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