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Black is beautiful

Whats happenin' to this place
Beggars don't all share the minority race?
I was almost 3 decades before I saw a homeless Asian
Asians usually take care of there own, What come again?
Mexicans sporting corn rolls, whites dreads under do rags
Who in the hell said it was bad to be black?
Melting pot of cultures, descriptive of America
others imitating Soul, sub par replicas
white girls find relief to let their asses gain size
Blacks still trying to make fair skinned babies with light eyes
Asians want eye lids and bridges on their noses
Whites saggin in urban wear, selling weed not roses
Hispanics traded packed vans for SUV's with big rims
Black men will still screw any race that will let him get in
Sista girls sportin' weaves and showin all their goods
all products of society are we all misunderstood?
Black girls glare at white girls with ass
wondering what brotha she fucked gave her a ghetto pass
N****s look at Asians with no indifference to eject
because it's their heart and use of guns that gains respect
Mexicans look at whites with disdain on their face
because ain't to boarder patrol can keep them out they rightful place.
white women look at black women and steer clear with fear
intimidated by our attitudes they cant relate to our lack of cheer
Self worth and esteem only depicted by ones self
look at your reflection would you pull you from the shelf
You outside in your PJ's, slippers, uncombed hair, how you look?
then you upset cause you judged on your cover not the contents of your book
no matter where you come from or the color of your skin
we all got admiration and hate for others within
as a young black woman navigating through life
I have one chance at a first impression, only once not twice
I know by whites I'm prejudged to be illiterate and dumb
They assume I've got a lot of kids and the fathers, more than one
I'm sure they expect me to be unmarried and keep a dirty house
I'm lazy and I have to speak and act accordingly to remove all doubt
After I verbally convince them that I'm worth listening to
A small part of me feels like scum under their shoes
I know that the person I have to convince may be dumb as nails
but bitter pride tastes sweet when my success sails
Cause I know they didn't have to seek to prove
that they are not typical, or have shovels of preconceptions to remove
They didn't have to be fake, polite, or tap dance to get in
Their merit or integrity not observed, but the lack of color in their skin
I have to pray to God to keep humility near me
And not to get a little giddy when a White begs for change from me
Not to snicker when the white boy has dreads,
And be happy he's helpin Urban black designers keep their families fed
Don't hate on the Mexicans bumpin rap in their SUV's
And cheer that they spending cash on black music and bootleg DVDs
Rejoice when the black man is ruining' the white girls credit
Send them kind of N****s packing, one way trip don't regret it
It could of been your mouth on the N****s dick
before he used your car and money to chase the next chick.
Quit trippin on the Asians & the big fins on their rides
Let them keep it gangsta in their place in American life
Black is pursued by all in one way or another
Now be happy your a product of a black father and a black mother

Written by OhSoChocolate


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