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How would the world be without integrity
would we all go hungry or be immense with greed
would you borrow and never pay back
would you short your customers a gram on every sack
would you get the latest car and never pay the note
would you turn a blind eye to a dyeing person as they choke
would you drive by our friends who's stranded on the streets
would you steal the best shoes to put on your feet
would you swipe others credit cards to get what you want
would you tell your mama you broke when money fills your trunk
would you tell a transient you have no change to spare
if your bills were paid and your finances were fair
would you offer no help to family who needs your extra room
would you part with riches that you'll never consume
would you easily ignore whats right, and rightfully labor to do wrong
would you feel entitled to others praising songs
would you brighten your light to dim others success
are you hatefully motivated to compete to bring out your best
would you alert strangers to money they've dropped
would you warn an enemy not to run on floors just mopped
would you fuck your friends man,
or would your tell her if you know he fucked your friend
would you cheat a half wit out of making a buck
would you sacrifice immediate gratification for future bad luck
so many questions to measure integrity
I am certain its NOT always found in me
lots of chances to do right or not
now ask yourself how much integrity do you got?

Written by OhSoChocolate


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