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Why do we make deals wit men
Lying to da world fronting' as "friends"
No crystal ball needed to see how it ends
Ruins from the start cause of how it began
When of another women he speaks
swallow yo feelings, grin thru gritted teeth
you cant speak on what he seeks
cause you let hem think of you in the least
lying to yourself, pretending to be a different girl
trading your feelings like currency, buyin' hope from the world
Why do we make deals with men
Hit you once, he'll hit you again
you compromise logic for love
does the pain feel good?
its you that's confused, your not misunderstood
what ever your upbringing, with both parents or none
if your honest you know your the only one
who dictates your life, and can wear your pants
how much will you settle to land a man
and continue to accept the lower hand?
Why do we make deals wit men
To give such slack to the fathers of our children
in their lives they minimally take park
our daddies weren't there so we don't know where to start
Moms tell you early on not to accept money from men
now she says he's sorry cause he won't pitch in
ask him for money, it's uncomfortable to do
why he feel so much ease taking from you
genetic entitlement, traits men behold in pools
Why do we make deals wit men
Stay wit men who wont make a commitment
look at the situation with magnified eyes
he only commits to whats between your thighs
you hope and hope that things will change
but it never started with even exchange
I'm a believer, optimism top shelf
take back all that you gave of yourself
renaissance of the soul, is what keeps us real
your now betta for it, now pull out of them deals

Written by OhSoChocolate


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