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Father And Son

Father and son
Lets talk about the meaning of the phrase
Well I can't talk to much about it cuz I never went through that phase
Left me alone all by myself
Didn't bother to call and see if I needed any help
Had a good job making decent pay
Then the devil came into his life one day
She said, "Osmond, stop paying child support fool!"
She told him, "Quit your job, and I'll support you!"
Weak minded man, surely not my dad
But this is true although it is sad
Didn't send cards, candy, or money
But gets mad when we don't come to visit, ain't that a lil funny
He has allot of nerve if you ask me
He'd break his neck for her and run right pass me
Now Father's day is supposed to be for dad
But I send my MAMMA the Father's Day card, now ain't that sad
She raised me, and taught me right from wrong
Now that I got something he wants to come ditty boppin along
Try and play daddy after 21 years
He'll never know the number of countless tears
Got emotional when he found out I was leaving for WAR!
He should have got emotional when he found out he was leaving a scar
On his baby boy, his only son
Wait a minute; I think I'm the only one
But if not I understand cuz he's a bum
I don't hate my Father; I'm just hurt by his actions
He wasn't even there to teach me to say," I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson"
Birds and bees, shit I learned from the trees
Didn't even teach me about sex, condoms, and STD's
His absence hurt when I was learning to read, walk, and ride a bike
Never bought me a tape from Ronnie, Bobbie, Ricky or Mike
But it's all-good now I'm a grown man
And without my dad I've learned how to stand!!!!

( P.S. Please take care of your seeds fellas!! Think about what you can mold these kids
into. They are truly the future. And plus who is going to take care of you when you get
old!!! )

Written by Osmond L. Oliver Jr.


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