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My Heart

My heart is like a hoe
It goes through one to many nigga's
Why, I really don't know??
Never once asked had a questions
I let them in without expectations
with only one exception
All I wanted was nothing to serious
I just wanted their love and care in return
But without exception
Without a care
each one took my heart
and really there left the mark
Like my love meant nothing
They just seen my heart as a worthless piece of trash
Now I am tryna fix what's left of my scared broken heart
So I gather what's left and forgot about what's lost
But knowing that the lost will stay with me forever
I just have to learn to put them in the past
I will try fix my heart with what remains
So my fragmented heart will once again be whole
For now I realize that my heart is my everything
My love is valuable, priceless
yet this time I'm saving it for the one who will treasure it
who will treat it like a precious diamond
That I've given to him and not caring about none of the rest
And I hope that he could look pass and forgive me
for the pieces that have been marked!!!!

Written by To_OutSpoken


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