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These years of my life are suppose to be the most memorable years
But look at me and you see nothing but tears
My personality is oh so misjudged
And all I want to do, is take a look within
No one ever knows how it feels to be me, the one on the outside looking in
All I need is for someone to know I can be me and yet still win
Everywhere I turned there is someone looking down on me
But now I get to thinking, I need to raise my chin
I fight with myself all the time
Wanting to do something but knowing it's a crime
I just want all this anger within me to just come out
I really need to shout
I just want to meet the real me, that's hidden within
Sometimes I think all the things I do will end
Help me release "The Me" from within
Because you really most not know about me!!!!!

Written by To_OutSpoken


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