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Lost in Society

Lost in a society that you thought you knew
Now everyone has turned their back on you
Oh so young little girl, all she really needed was a hug
But yet society turned their back and she started doing drugs
This boy from down the street, which I been feeling for so many years
But society turned their backs on another youth yet again and now he had one too many beers
All these changes, really hurts the world around
You could kick and scream but they would hear no sound
Society will just really break you down
What is wrong with today's society???
Now you am wondering, am I the only one that still has their mind
They try to knock you down and so you can fall on your behind
But there is a solution to this madness but sometimes it is filled with great sadness
You just have to believe and you can have your life back
You could have friends, laughter but you have to stop society when they try to attack
You don't have to worry because freedom is near
Cause all of your life is still here
There are just a few obstacles you know you must climb
Just sit back and let your life take its time
You really have no need to hesitate
Don't wait till it's too late
This could make them shackles break
This is all real, nothing fake
Yet and still you lost in a society you thought you knew
Turn your back on society because they've turned their backs on you

Written by To_OutSpoken


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