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How they view me....

They view me like I am not important,
Just like I don't exist,
All they do is judge me without even getting to know me,
They couldn't last one day walking in my shoes,
Trying to play my game, I bet they would lose,
I bet then they would have a taste of reality,
They just can't handle my individuality,
I'm so original, with my prettiness and style,
Jealous is what I see from my own eyes,
Looking me up and down, like that fazes me,
You say I won't make it but lease I ain't faking it,
You walking around like you the shit,
Like you that top notch bitch,
But I hate to be mean, but you just ain't the shit,
You may have that ATTITUDE and that LOOK,
But you will never have what it takes to be real!

Written by To_OutSpoken


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