Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge!

Chapter 1

Touch me show all the real in you
What else is there in your soul of blue
You speak in the dark in order to show me the light
But I want you to hold my hand so we could both join the fight
The fight of life whatever is thrown our way feed on passion, greed off each other's love,
and build on a great future, living for each better day
Each better day getting closer to the higher power of greatness that god created
Growing in my womb cries, smiles and hopes that are fixated
Fixated on becoming the loving family extending another generation
With you yeah. . . that's were I wanna be connected with your mind soul beautiful body,
ummmmm I'm in it with concentration
Seeing you with a more keen eye of complexity
Black man that is built like a stallion
You just don't know what you do to me
I've always known until this day in time I would find the words and my pencil would just go
My love would give you a little more of my talents and it would just flow
Every since the day we met has been like a story to tell
How I just couldn't get enough of you and our life of a crazy fairy tell

Written by Capria Pearce


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge