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You've got me intrigued
mind boggled and wondering
who you really be
will I get to see
what makes you, you
and you see what make me, me
if you have a heart, and is smart and gifted
Or if you're one of the ones that wonders around driftinš
Are you debonair, got style,
street smarts and class
And in the morninš will be touching
wanting to get some of my @ss
And can you add one plus two plus three
and are you strong enough to stand on your own
two feet
Can you get out of a dilemma
without working up a sweat
And no matter how big you get
where you are from youšll never forget
Can you make me laugh
when I want to cry
And wonšt get offended
when I ask the question Why?
Do you have the mental and physical stamina
to rise to a test
That will make me yearn for you constantly
leaving a dust cloud on the rest
Išll have you knowing what I am thinking
without even making a sound
And have you feeling like Pharaoh when
Nefertiti was around
You see my boundaries are limitless,
and my sex appeal is too
That is why I had to tell you Sir that
I am truly intrigued by you.

Written by Pokahontaz


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