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"Friends" (yeah right)

U may call ME "just a friend"
but I can see deep within
That U long for ME
Desire for ME
And would stop a nigga dead in
his tracks if he even stepped to
You're just afraid of ME
Afraid to turn in that tired played out
playa'z card
Thinking that there may be someone
out there that's better than ME
Instead of accepting ME
Loving ME
Caring for ME, as U did in the
Because brotha I kknnnoooowww U don't
think U are God's gift to this world
or better yet to every single girl
Cuz playa Gold don't drip off
yo tip
As it doesn't flow out of ME
I hear your subconscious saying
"Please rescue ME,
take away these barriers, set ME free,
I'm so afraid my boys will laugh at ME
Joke on ME
Say that I am whipped , when I really
want to be
They be harassing ME
Clowning ME
When all I wanna do is release this
"inner-bitch" that is inside of ME"
And that hypnotiq sex daze that you
think I had
Was only me concentrating and trying not
to laugh
And the "magic stick" you claim,
is only a broken witch's broom
That even The Great Whodini himself couldn't
raise from its tomb
You see I accepted U with all your flaws,
as I thought you would ME
At least I know I am dealing
with a puppy and not a true dog
Cuz a true dog carries flees
Something ME, myself and I are
allergic to
But as time goes on U will meet
a few
And slowly but surely start thinking
about ME
Wanting to be with ME
Wondering where I be,
and who is spending QT time with
Because I was there for U, when U
weren't there for ME
Isn't that funny how life can turn things
When I was wanting U, U didn't
want ME
And now when U close your eyes it is ME
that U see
But now it is a lil too late..."Friend"

Written by Pokahontaz


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