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Rising For Me

One day, I'm going to rise!
Rise up like the sunshine!
Rise up like my mother's
Dinner rolls!

One day, I'm going to rise!
Rise like a soaring eagle!
Rise up like an over flowing
And swelling river!

One day, I'm going to rise!
Rise to my feet! Rise to the
Occasion! Rise, because I
Want to say something! Rise,
Because I want to do something!
Rise because I think I should!
Rise, because I can! Rise, for
People all over this land! I want
To rise and stand up! I want to
Rise for the sake of rising!

One day, I'm going to rise and be
Heard! Rise up, to be seen! I'm
Going to rise for my life! Rise, for
My gift! Rise and stand tall for what
I believe in! Rise, for my poetry...
It's what I live for! Rise and be
Noticed! Rise up and set my soul
Free! Rise and rejoice! Rise, and
Be happy... for rising is a beautiful
Thing! Just like the sun, rising to
Take its place, I want to rise up and
Be appreciated for who and what I
Am! Rise, for my dreams and stand
Tall for me! Last, but not least, I
Want to rise and stand up for
Jesus, who supplies all of my

Written by Juanita Pope


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