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On Any Given Day

The ring of gun shots fills the air!
Another victim, another child,
Another son, another grandson,
Another nephew, another cousin,
Another friend, another loss,
Another brother, another drug
Deal gone wrong... and they
Continue to go on, as if it was
Just another ordinary day!

The ringing of gun shots, means
Another loss of a black soul! Those
Are your brother's they're killing
Off out there! But no one seems
To care! No one seems to give a
Shit! And the deals goes on and

Just like dead bodies, they need to
Be picked up and carried away!
Out of sight, out of mind, out of
Stupidity they are killed one by
One! Just an ordinary day, brother's
Doing their ordinary thing! Just
Another black man out of the way!

You understand the job has to be
Done! Don't you dare hold back on
The greens or make any short cuts!
It's too risky! It's bad for business!

Don't get caught up on an ordinary
Day, with brother's doing their ordinary
Thing, because you won't be around
To tell it!

Written by Juanita Pope


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