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lets talk about god

sometimes its hard foe me to talk about god
because i dont know where to start
the one thing i know
he lives deep within my heart

should i talk about how
he wrapped hisself up in humanity
came down for 42 generations
and lived to die for me

he had so much love to give
he died so that i could live
he rose from the grave
so that i could be saved

should i talk about
all the blessings he bestow upon me
but because they're not material
its hard for others to see

or should i talk about
how each morning he breathes life into me
how he gives me to voice to speak
and vision so that i can see

should i talk about all the ways he was there for me
and kept me safe in his arms
when i was doing wrong
he picked me up and said stay strong

i thought it would be hard for me to talk about god
i didnt realize that i had so much to say
i just wanna thank jesus
for giving me this day

Written by Tierra Ray


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