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Lets Talk About Discrimination

It's not gonna be hard for me
To talk about discrimination
Because I have too much to say
Why to people discriminate so much in the world today?

You discriminate against Martin Luther King
Because he cheated on his wife
Buth that's not our business,
Its their personal life.

Its funny how you look past
All he good things he tried to do
By pointing out the bad
That had nothig to do with you.

When most people think about discrimination
They think of black vs. white
But nope! That's wrong,
And isnt even close to being right

People discriminate against religion
Such as muslims, jews, and christians,
Like trick daddy said,
"we are all God's children".

You have people that discriinate
against homosexuality
And its makes me wonder…
When they're gonna wake up to face reality

Why do men discriminate against women????
Saying "they can't do a man's job"
If you ask me, I say a man's job isn't completed without
A woman by his side
Who's up for whatever and always down for the ride!

I knew that it would be hard to talk about discrimination,
There was just too much to say,
And it's a damn shame
How much we discriminate in the world today!

Written by Tierra Ray


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