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Fight The power

We say fight the power
Each and every hour
Because its our souls
That they try to devour

It takes a nation of millions
To hold my peoples back
But unfortunately, the nation that's doing it
Is us blacks

In the 1950s and 60s
We used to call each other brotha
Now we rob, steal, and kill
One anotha

All for the sake of material gains
How in the world
Do we let them
Poison and pollute our brains

With propaganda…

All for a piece of paper
Color with chlorphyll
We sell our souls
Tryna make a mill…

Our freedom of speech
Is freedom or death!
Ima fight the power with my words
Until I run out of breath

You might as well say
That we are endangered humans
We're being extinct by our own flesh and blood
Just so we can drink our drink and smoke some bud

Martin Luther King's dream
Was for everyone to get along
Blacks standing together
Singing their freedom song

When I look at the world today
Im like Marvin Gaye, "whats going on"??
Why the hell my people can't get along

Written by Tierra Ray


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