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Dear Teacher,

Making racist gestures and comments
Shows nothing but your ignorance
Then you get mad at me
Because you lack intelligence

Im tired of biting my tongue
Ive been biting it for you for way too long
Ima stand up on my own two feet
And let it known that youre wrong

Youre suppose to be a teacher
So talk about something other than race
I wonder if the scripts were flipped
How you would feel
Sitting in my place

People tell me to ignore
The things that you say
To be the bigger person,
Turn the other cheek,
And walk away

Everything changed the day you said,
NIGGER! And looked me dead in my face
Smiled at me,
And continued to talk down on my race.

Just so you know, im not a "NIGGER"
Because im far from ignorant
Actually im pretty smart
Some even call me an intellect

I don't appreciate whenever we talk about violence
You make it seem like it was started by blacks,
Well guess what miss..???
You're wrong and heres some history facts.

Violence in America started when the whites
Went to Africa and stole the ancestors
That made me
Brought them back to America and created what
We call Slavery!

Written by Tierra Ray


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