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This woman knows her worth

My worth is unmentionable; you cannot put a price on me
Portuguese and black sister with God's love to proclaim.
Light skinned sista with light colored eyes.
Oh yes we come in different colors, in shapes, and size.
A very proud black woman, a true artifact of class.
You couldn't't rate me with a dirty coin.
A dime piece?!!! PLEASE I will surely pass.
I love and fear God, there's no shame in my game.
Wont was a second ignoring a man calling me baby, ma, or shorty...
My mother already gave me a name.
You Cant determine my being a woman from the wiggle in my behind,
But do it by how I respect people whether they're cripple, crazy, or blind.
For Jesus is love and he surely loves you and me.
And for that I love myself...I hope there are a few more sistas out there like me.

Written by Dr. Red


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