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Excuse Me Miss

Indulge with your presence. I know your mind is running
A thousand miles an hour because mine is too.
Behind that gentle smile my imaginations run wild wondering
Of your character, your kiss, the firmness when you hold me.
Just say it.... Excuse me miss...

You look so debonair in that three-piece suit. Less than ten feet what are you waiting on. I feel like a lion and you are
My prey. Only you have to come to me.... so ask me. I'm tired of waiting.
God please let him ask me. Then you approach..."Excuse me mam, what's
Your name?" I couldn't believe how much my mind raced with anticipation
Wanting you to touch me, taste me, sing to me, lust me.... then you spoke!!!
At that point only one thing came to mind...
-I wonder if I can get in tomorrow at the beauty shop?
Kind of sad how we long for something so, and when we get it. It wasn't what
We built it to be.

Written by Dr. Red


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