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Mommy Why?

I'll never quite understand
why you look down at your own right hand
why do u continuosly corner against the wall
the one whos there through all
u treat me like shit......
like im waiting for u to spit
your pleasure collects in the puddle of tears
I stream from my face the begging of affection built up over years
I lay in bed and listen to u bark
i'll neva c the light caz u put me in the dark
u shut the eyes
that see you for you.....i wish u would realize
i dont kno y.....but i love my abuser
i love the one that dosent seem to love me back
does that make me the rose that grew from the crack
LIke tupac said" Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared."
I care......but im giving up im living in despair and this game aint fair

Written by Renita Sykes a.k.a Unabbreviated Thoughts


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