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Those Lost

Public fact becomes private reality
As I realize my uncertain mortality
& My astonishment is short lived
As my life is threatened
By once again a loved ones loss
Not taken by the almighty boss
But by the lonely unburdened road
Thoughts weigh me down too heavy a load
I'm imprisoned in a big empty space
Left in civilization to find my own pace
Others try to calm down the rage of my fury
& Change my look on life not sentenced
By the judge but by the jury
The continuous lowering of skies
Forces me to dwell on my painful goodbyes
And always to the loved ones that I thrive on
As my life forces me to flip a coin
Never heads always tails
But soon my victory will prevail because the hollow
Crevice in my heart
Puts me off to a slow start
Always I hear the explicit echoes that taunt me
But I preoccupy myself with God and my plea
& Even thought I seem to be left in disposition all
God's crimson curtain is shown
& Finally I walk upon the desired stage
Before the arrogant reader turns the page
I'm nestled and triumphed in his arms
& As I realize I'm in ecstasy I'm alarmed
& In my precise decision to walk with God
All Those Lost come out of the fog

Written by Renita Sykes a.k.a Unabbreviated Thoughts


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