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Woke up 6 o clock diz morning
and strategically words came pouring
Quicker than the heaviest rain
So I gagged and allowed my throat to pass what my mind couldnt contain

A notion of confusion so strong
A perception that I somehow dont belong
In a world where people hand off their pain
Because it was something that they couldnt bear to obtain

But if you couldnt hold this pain what makes you think that I
Should even grasp the strength to try
Don't you rember the words in the text
Im unnatural and unworthy and so waz MALCOLM -X

A trouble maker
A risk taker

One of the few who actually lives her life

One that couldnt find words to rhyme
One that smokes from time to time
The one's beauty and pride you called attrocious
the one's who's attitude you made "a word called ferocious"

The little gurl who didint belong
In the U.S of A because her looks were all Wrong
The one who had the look of an African Queen
Before she even hit 14

The one Unwelcome in your world

Written by Renita Sykes a.k.a Unabbreviated Thoughts


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