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Open your eyez
Diz world aint Daisies and sunshine
Iz rough and iz gritty
But diz whole world iz part of the "I Dont Give a Shit Commitee"
But the beat goes on
At least according to John
According to John if u love the lord youre saved
You dont fuck, light up and youre "well behaved"
John's telling me that 106 n park iz the devils cry
But wat about the MTV's that were empowered by?
What about the rich white folks
Let me guess? They gave us different strokes

Fuck that

If Marijuana's considered the widest spreading drug
Why is tommorow's thug
Sweeping X , Hypno and Crack unda the Rug
Why cant Laguna Beach
be replaced by a show that explains figures of speech
As Your freedom to Speak
Once again open your eyes
and see that this gov. iz a Disguise
But you see this Dear John ,letter
is telling me that if i turn my head the otha way things will get better

Written by Renita Sykes a.k.a Unabbreviated Thoughts


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