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Jane Doe

In yor eyez I'm just anotha Jane Doe
One that has no rythm or no flow
One mesmorized by childish thingz
Eager for my next nightly fling
But I refuse to be slowed down
by anotha jocka trying to steal my crown
Wat u c through the hostility in yor eyez
dosent match the beat of my rhyme
or the switch of my hipz
or the death of the next wanna be crip
from a tearless bullet wit no name
and no shame in itz fearless game
If i said it once I'll say it twice
I dont take advice
So I learn shyyt the hard way
I'm not fragile enough to be put on display
I'm not yor average Jane Doe
But if daz da name u choose to bestow
then who am i to disagree
afterall the wordz spoken by thee
Juz come from yor average Joe......

Written by Renita Sykes a.k.a Unabbreviated Thoughts


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