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Dark in complexion.
Always shows me affection.
He's a dime piece with no question.
Other men compared to
him falls less than.

When I think of me, I think of him.
For him, I would go out on a whim.
Go far out and bring back
treasures for him.
Give mind and body stimulating
pleasures to him.
It's all because I love him.

When I'm thirsty there's only
ONE thing I need.
It is the juice he gives to me to
drink when my body is weak.

He is so meek but at the
same time strong.
And it is him that i will love
for a lifetime long.

I would be lying if I said
that with his Juice
I could do without because
I know that it is him that it's all about.

It's so perfuse that I need,
want and have to
have all of his Juice

Written by Robin Clayton


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