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Calm after the storm

My Momma's been crying for too weeks straight
Her and daddy were arguing, she called it a debate
I'm only 15… yet I've been through so much
The fights, the separations, the girlfriends and such
When I was young my Daddy was the wisest man
He said "Trust in God always and try to be the best that you can"
But now he's left us for someone half his age
It aint the first time, we always knew he'd do it again
I sit and think and the poem "footprints" comes to my mind
Is God carrying me now, through this turbulent, stormy time?
I think he is, because I know what he says in his word
He says the cry of his children will always be heard
I wish I hated my father… but I love him still
Momma says she hates him, but I told her that hatred kills
When Daddy came back home to get his stuff
I told him to stay… I missed him so much.
He said no… he had another home now to go back to
Dear Lord, please help him find his way back to you
He's a lost sheep; please find him before its too late
I know you can Lord, you are the owner of our fates
Dear lord Re-fill our home with family love so warm
So we may rest and enjoy the calm after the storm.

Written by Sarah R. Essien


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