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When I walked through the valley of the shadow of death,
I feared the evil, because I'd left you and my life was a mess.
You were there for me, cared for me, showed me love
I dint reciprocate or appreciate that gift from above.
I was too busy having fun, living a foolish dream,
I look at the years gone by; some things weren't what they seemed
Neither were people, confusing me, filling me wit their lies,
I don't blame them though... They aren't the cause of my demise.
That was me; I admit I did it to myself,
I slid and I fell, too proud to ask for help.
And now I'm down, it's dark at the bottom of the pit,
I was a ghetto queen, how did my life get to this?
I had a man, money an enough bling bling
But now I realise I dint even need those things
They were physical, material, they didn't last long,
I woke up one morning, looked around and those things were gone.
You were there, when no one was, but I didn't clock
I did the striping, prostitution, just to work for a buck.
I earned the bucks, then spent them on some worthless things
Weed, crack cocaine and diamond rings
You name it... I bought it; I was living the life,
Next thing I knew, I was a mother but I wasn't a wife.
My baby girl... she came and he turned my world around,
First time I looked in her eyes pure love I found.
My baby...I knew she needed me so I had to change
Put my life back on track, turn a brand new page
I gave up that life... Made my way back to you
Back to church, back to living by the rules
I don't mind, the 10 commandments are your word
I must obey, to the dismay of my foes, and those
Who like to see me doing wrong
Trying to take me back to the world, But I got to be strong...
I'm not a ghetto queen no more; I'm a princess of the most high.
Me and my daughter, we walk with Jesus by our side.
Lord forgive me, for my sins and the trouble I've been in
Don't let my child suffer the consequences of my misdemeanours
And thank you for giving me the blessing of my daughter, Sheena.

Written by Sarah R. Essien


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