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Why do we laugh when we want to cry?
Why does God let people die?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do good things happen to bad people?
Why do innocent babies die of aids?
Why were my people treated like animals and bought as slaves?
Why is the world full of racism, murder and crime?
Why do people cheat, lie and gossip all the time?
Why do fathers leave mothers and children alone?
Why do they come back to be fathers when the children are grown?
Why can't anybody tell me why the worlds like this?
Why can't I wait to get to get to heaven and live in Heavenly bliss?
Only I can answer that question, and the answers true
Because you love me Lord Jesus and I love you
I want to come to heaven and meet you there
Then the answers to my questions I'll want to hear
From the one who sees everything and knows it all
But till then, hold me tight Lord, don't let me fall.

Written by Sarah R. Essien


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