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Vying for self-expression

Forced to withdraw
All emotions from the scene
I fear the consequences
Hidden beneath my rage

My mind is open
My thoughts are true
But why is it that
I am silenced for good?

Is it a sin to think?
I think not
My seldom-said words
Are screaming to get out

They have no hope
NO chance for survival
I am forced to hush
While my emotions run deep

I think silently
And dream out loud
I hope that I don't
Forget my words

They are trapped in a box
Can never escape
I get caught
I'm dead
I cannot be released

From that prison below
Why am I so
Why force me
To conform?

I plead my case,
Stand before the judge
But silence she demands
I guess I've said enough

Though spoken no words
I feel defeated
I dare not battle
The higher power
My lips held captive
No one can free them
If they do
It'll just be a battle won

The war is the goal
And I have been shut down
Or shut up
Can never fight
Until that glorious day

My thoughts are gone
My mind is blank
They won the war
I feel the steam

A mist in the air
Is what I am
Forced to bleed from the inside
The consequence of
My bleeding heart

So misunderstood
I am forced to be
No speaking
Just listening

To the ignorance
Of the "smarter ones"
Who, generations before
Were just as stupid
As they are now…..

So here I lie
Awake at night in front
Of a glowing screen

To the only audience I've got
The people
They listen
They hear
They understand

I'm NOT alone
Still out of the crowd
For once
I cannot be chastised

For being myself
And no one else
My uniqueness is vivid
You cannot miss it

I'll go where
I'm wanted
And not be afraid
No consequence
Just vying for self-expression

Written by Racquel Hill aka… SellMeCandy


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